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Removal Services Experts in London

Is moving giving you sleepless nights?

Do you dread even to think about? All that stress, hard work, complications and problems appearing out of nowhere and everywhere.London Best Removal will take it all off your shoulders offering you insured reliable, efficient and professional service with affordable prices.

Our company is based in London and it is first choice for domestic removals in this metropolitan city. London Best Removals will provide you with adream team of strong movers, drivers, packers and when it is all done even cleaners to tidy up property after all your goods have gonna to a new place. Experienced, polite and helpful staff which performs their job in a professional manner will give you services you never had before-PT London Best Removals.

We have verity of removal vehicles with trolleys, webbing's, protective blankets on board. Making sure that all your belongings are kept and transported safe and undamaged is one of our priorities. Our team will take care of it all as if it is their own. You will not find a better service for domestic removals than using London Best Removals.

Is packing goods, wrapping and moving boxes not your “cup of tea” or you are simply not able to do it yourself? Is it something that you would rather see someone else doing for you? Not a problem at all. Solution is here and its name is PT London Best Removals. We will offer you affordable help with packing and moving boxes so you can concentrate on other more important matters. If you need professional packing materials such as strong double walled boxes, bubble wrap, cases or anything else to help you with your move, just let us know and we’ll sort it out for you.

If you need a couple of boxes moving on your behalf, or you require help with packing, our team represents a cost-effective solution for any number of domestic removals. We’re also able to provide you with an amazing selection of quality packing materials, which we can deliver to you, making sure that your move is a smooth one with minimal stress and headache. We take great pride in being one of the most helpful, respected and courteous domestic house moving companies in London.

If you wish your domestic removal to be smooth and without any problems or delays, we have some tips and advices which will help to make your transfer as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Access to your premises
Let us know if we need parking permits so we can organise this with your local Council.

Curtains, Blinds, Fittings, etc.
Take these off in advance and leave them neatly in boxes or the way you wish.

Garage, Loft or Shed contents
Please note that due to insurance reasons, we’re unable to remove flammable and hazardous substances, including items such as gas bottles, paint tins, paraffin, etc.

White goods - Washing machines, cookers, fridges and more
Make sure to disconnect all of your kitchen appliances, drain and dry them beforehand so they’re in fit state for removal. If you need a hand with basic plumbing duties we will be able to help you but please remember that gas and electrical connections needs a certified electrician or gas safe engineer.

Clothing – from our box straight to your wardrobe.
All your cloths can travel now to a new house in our special wardrobe boxes were you can place them on hangers. Finally you will have your clothes creased free.

Be a part of the removal, keep it under control.
To make sure that no items are accidentally left or taken when they shouldn’t be then it will be your responsibility to attend the removal, overlooking goods transfer that there are no mistakes made.

Prepare all your furniture, beds, wardrobes, etc. that it is disassembled. If you think that you will struggle with it or you don’t want to do it yourself then we’re happy to offer our assistance. Contact us at any time and we’ll happy to arrange for a handyman to visit you.

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