London rubbish removal calculator

London rubbish disposal calculator


including 0 minutes loading/sweep-up*


To cover extra costs incurred, we charge a supplement for the following items:

Item / Service Price excl. VAT
Computer monitor / TV* £10.00
Car battery / UPS battery £10.00
Car Tyre £25.00
Commercial fridge / freezer / chiller* £95.00
Commercial WEEE charge - per load £25.00
Domestic fridge / aircon unit* £35.00
Extra 10 mins labour (2 people) £10.00
Fluorescent tube £3.00
Mattress £15.00
Parking & Parking Fines as incurred

*Hazardous waste fees apply if commercial collection!

Things we cannot take

Sorry, but for health and safety and regulatory reasons, our crews cannot remove any of the following items:

Biological or Medical waste
Domestic refuse (unless bagged)
Gas bottles or Fire extinguishers
Oil, petrol or diesel
Paint or paint cans (unless empty)
Raw meat or raw fish (unless packaged)
Toxic substances, noxious chemicals & solvents
Truck or tractor tyre
Very heavy waste

Heavy loads of mainly dense materials like soil, rubble, concrete, bricks, tiles or wet wood are charged by weight, regardless of volume. Our trucks have digital scales to weigh your load onsite.

Our 'weight rate' for heavy waste is the equivalent of 1 cubic yard per 100kg. For example, heavy waste weighing 1,400kg would be charged as 14 cubic yards even if it took up only 6 cubic yards of space.

As a guide, rubble, soil and concrete weigh around 250kg -500kg per cubic yard. A bag of rubble weighs 30kg – 50kg, so 25 bags of rubble weigh around 1,000kg. (Note: bulky office and household items weigh around 60kg per cubic yard and refurbishment and DIY waste like old kitchens & bathrooms weighs 100kg per cubic yard.)

Cubic yard rubbish removal in London

How much does rubbish removal cost in London? We charge by the amount of junk removed, measured in cubic yards (unless you have particularly heavy waste materials like rubble and soil – see ‘Very heavy waste’). One cubic yard is about the same size as a domestic fridge freezer, 2 wheelie bins or an upholstered armchair. Our rates include loading, a full sweep-up, and all recycling and disposal costs.

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